As a young child, Jade Sharp knew she wanted to be a singer. Influenced early on by artists like Reba McEntire, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, Jade began to imitate the artistic stylings of these singers until finding her own unique voice.

“When I first started taking singing lessons in the 5th grade,” Jade recalls, “my mother specifically asked my teacher to weed out the drawl I had developed from trying to sound like Reba. It took a while, but eventually I began to sound more like me.”

Jade continued taking singing lessons throughout high school, believing that singing was inevitably in her future. “I was going to be a star,” she says. “I really believed that. I still do.”

Her first big singing experience came during high school graduation, when she was asked to sing. She jumped at the chance, and teamed up with other musicians from her graduating class to perform LeeAnn Womack’s “I Hope You Dance”.

Though singing was her end-goal, songwriting became an important part of her journey. Jade experimented with different styles, writing mainly with the aid of her guitar, though she would later use a combination of guitar and piano to aid in her writing. She has been influenced by songwriters such as Diane Warren, Alanis Morrissette, and Rob Thomas.

After high school, Jade formed a band called Hush, and they were together for 6 months. They played a combination of covers and originals written by Jade. After the band disjoined, Jade went into the studio for the first time.

“At that time, I really thought that was the starting point from which everything would fall into place.” But it would be a decade later before her music career kicked into full swing.

On July 3rd, 2013, Jade attended Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI where she saw LeAnn Rimes perform live. “That got my mojo back,” she recalls. “When she first burst onto the scene at 13 – the same age I was – it was like she was living my life. I wanted that life. Seeing her up there doing what I dreamed about doing was the catalyst.”

In the summer of 2014 Jade auditioned to sing the National Anthem at a Wisconsin Rapids Rafters baseball game. The audition was so well received that she was asked to sing multiple times that summer.

In 2017, Jade released her second EP, This N That.

Currently, Jade is working on her third EP.